Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Class is how you treat people

who can do nothing for you."~ Geof Greenleaf

Here be pics of my wire project process yo!

 For those above pics I was in Claire's room and we were watching Samurai Champloo and since the lighting wasn't that great I first held up my project and an hour or so later used my foot as a support so you can sooort of see the process...-cough-
 in class...
 Just so that this entry isn't to barren I'm posting this because on my way to Claire's the elevator door opened and this is what I encountered...and yes when the doors closed I totally sat in that chair.
Claire, Morgan and I walked back to Cornish after Seeing Green and I took this picture cause it was purdy :c
The youtube vid I leave you with is this particular song because while I was in my room working on my wire project there was a car outside blasting this song.

Muse- Uprising


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