Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nobody ever did,

or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices." ~Alfred A. Montapert

Here's my response to Linda Davidson's lecture
"Driveby 5" series 2006-2008

"Oregon",  graphite drawing. 2001 80"x30"

"A Snag in a Fog of Words" (back) 2006
Linda Davidson's pictures, as compared to her words, seem to match up with each other. Some might need further explaining though.
For the pictures, such as the "Driveby" series the viewer can tell by the title and image that it represents a memory or scene of going by scenery while in a fast moving object such as a car or train. Davidson's graphite drawings at first, I personally thought, were black and white photographs. Her other piece "A Snag in a Fog of Words" might not have been as noticeable to tell what it was really about (at least to me) but to the viewers such as myself it's quite nice to look at.
Linda Davidon's words though ad depth to the experience of looking at her pieces. She talked of doing abstract drawings and doing visual play on shapes. Davidson has never been trained as a painter. "A Snag in a Fog of Words" she explains was also typed about her handling being middle-aged and believes that "one image effects another image" for her inspiration.
Her "Driveby" series is about "the moment and its passing." She believes that history gives you a context of struggle if many people to make sense of the world and clues to who had power during that time period along with how people reacted to that power.

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