Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Foundations night response

Maya Deren
#1 Visions of flowers, shadows on walls
Running after capped phantoms stolen flowers
A knife to be stepped upon
Beware of keys transforming into knives

Anri Sala "Time After Time"
#4 Starving horse on sidewalk. Cars drive by. Brighten horse image fade. Black silhouette in front of night and city landscape. A step, turn of the head. Blur horse foot slowly lifts, uncomfortable? Why so hungry looking? I'm hungry. Two bright pinpoints of light emerge from blue-grey murkiness. Slowly become smaller. Sound of approaching truck. Look back up lights small again until insignificant. I'm hungry. Dog barking. Focused but no light to shine on horse. Is it paused with just noises? Oh, blur again. Only one pinpoint of light this time. Car honking. Dog barking. Is a car going to go by. Focus in time to see lifts up head again. Flitter of tail. How come it doesn't move? Trained? To tired? Doesn't care. Blue again.Another car with blur. Truck. Zoom in. Lit horse. Car honk. Clanking of chains from truck. Oh, horse lowering head. Is it ok? Poor horse :( I don't think it wants to be there anymore. Over.

Pipilotti Rist "I want to see what you see"

Pierre Huyghe "I Jedi (Devils Mountain)"
A mountain
not a fountain
with music nearby
do not fly
for the devil's countin'

The ensembled piece
drips with lease
the mountain in half
does not laugh
but cries without cease

David Claerbout "La Moment"
Crickets chirping at night nearing trees? Not sure how to "extrapolate" on this. Trees never nearer til now. Freaky horror-like music. In a forest will there be a dead body with blood dripping from a gaping mouth? Cat appears and goes away. Sad day. That was the monster.

William Kentridge "Automatic Writing"
A man breathing naked the music chaotic and reminiscent of a train station. Crowded subway.
Illustrating the words of fleeting moments that happen perchance but not to us but others.
Human body is a living thing. Pulsating with life and breath. But every breath is death.
Window for the soul are the eyes they say, but also our actions deliver.
Reflections of moments that never fade but are engraved into our very thoughts.


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