Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time is like

a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers." ~?

What? Updating this? yes -blows off the dust- hurhum.
Well here's the picture of me doing something with my temp tattoo for class (not original at all :v )
very sketchy huzzah
I'll prob, maybe, do a better pic >>

Here's some notes on the visiting artist for Wednesdays Foundations, Keith Negley...
He's an editorial illustator, he's freelance and works in corporate finance, does work for the New York Times. He says that editors can't be picky with what you give them because of their time limit.
His main focus is to do something with his time. "If you want to do it, you will do it."
Internships are a big thing. He did three or four of them, one was with an illustrator who had adobe illustrator and paid him to trace over his sketches.
Keith Negley enjoys to work with less than four colors, he puts all the colors on one layer (blue on one, orange on one, &c.)
Said that a big thing is to not say "no" to your clients because if you say no to many times they wont call you again.
For his works he makes his own textures but does reuse them as well.
As an editorial illustrator making to many idea sketches and sending them in could be detrimental because then the client may not know what to choose and then have you mock up a few of them, so you're creating more work for yourself.
Always into propaganda posters. Forces you to work with negative space; figure/ground.
It's about how little you can live off the beginning.
Interning is huge.
Work comes in waves, for three months he could only have to work for 10 hours and then all of a sudden he could be jam packed with work.
Black and white pictures tend to take longer.
Shellac is great.

& I leave you with this..."Premake" Up! (1965)

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