Monday, November 29, 2010

An artist is a dreamer

consenting to dream of the actual world." ~George Santayana
Well I googled  "dog cones" and surprise! People wearing dog cones came up. So here are some pics...


Not really a dog cone but general idea
 That one is just sort of...weird...but eh

 Now for mildly more interesting artists I cameth across
I just found this picture on the front page of deviantart and thought it was cool.

This is by Scott C...

from the website:
There's some neat artists on there :)

Below is another artist I follow on deviantart:

That's all for now folks.
Forgot a youtube vid! Le gasp! It's a 7:19 short film I watched the other day wootwoot. Pretty cool.

Giallo a Milano (Prix du film éducatif, scientifique ou d'entreprise, Annecy 2010)


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