Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zest is the secret of all beauty.

There is no beauty that is attractive without zest." ~Christian Dior

I think I went with this quote because I have a character named Zest...and I wasn't exactly attracted to any of the zen quotes murr..

Here are some pics of the construction of the moquette cold wire connections for Foundations...

So. Now for some artists who influence my decisions...woohoo!
Well...I'll start off with a huge influence off of these peeps on deviantart...I can't say that they really influence my project but they do influence my art (so therefore they influence my project?) in ohsomany wonderful ways that I do love. These are just a few off of the literally hundreds of artists I watch on dA ahaha :'D
number of times 'influence' appeared in the above paragraph: 4.
& this person:

Here are two blogspot artists that I also enjoy:  &

Some fashion designers...well I honestly don't know of any by name except Alexander McQueen and that was just because one of my buddies is into fashion and she had a facebook status about him dying so I looked him up...he is quite amaaaaazing if a bit odd. Which is fine. 'Cause I'm odd too.
Here's a artist I jsut found too thanks to my highschool art teacher aha
Mark Wagner

and youtube
Rusted Root- Send Me On My Way


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