Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You can never underestimate

the stupidity of the general public." ~Scott Adams

Here are some of my assignments that have been due on here for Foundations, including: 5 concept thumbs of Harold in dif settings, 6 pics of linear objects, and recently our drawings of concept linear garments....I think we were supposed to put that on the blog at least....
 & concept drawings of wire/yarn garments...

Now for some (hopefully) linear objects...
 Took this pic before my IS class...soo..Space Needle...that's pretty linear...I just like this pic :c

 close-up just cause I like telephone poles & the wires aha
 I think if this was extended upwards it'd be more linear....mur
 pretty sure this doesn't cut the bait as linear...

Ehhhh...and yes...

and here's a very simple animation I did  for Digital and laughs

I was very tempted to out up another schmoyoho youtube vid...but resisted ahh. Instead I'll go with this Disney song because I dreamt he chased me last night aha (he can ruuunnn lol)and even though he was friggin' chasin' me he actually ended up helping me out at the end of the dream. Hmm..

Hellfire from Hunchback of Notredame


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