Sunday, November 7, 2010

We are all here for a spell

get all the good laughs you can." ~Will Rogers

Here are some pics of maquette Harold...

 Makin' big brother Harold...

 All three of 'em~
Morgan doin' work! ahhh look at that! :D

Went around the Whole Foods area to take pictures of Harold and Claire's glasses....Harooolllllld.


These are the escapades of Harold...mhmm....
My process for makin' big boy Harold was making six body cut outs. I did two sides of Harold consisting of 3 cutouts glued together. I had done measurements on the hair clip sized Harold and converted them to what they'd be enlarged to a 2 foot size..After gluing the main body I started working on the inside part of Harold. He's very simple on the outside but a very complex hedgehog on the inside...After trying a lot of times to make him work functionally and failing I sort of gave up on that whole mission :< So, now Harold is very tapey looking and complex inside....but outside he's cute! For the outside part I scored his non-spikey part of his body and tore off the first layer of thin cardboard. For his nose and eye I cutout darker pieces of cardboard and then cut deeper into the original cardboard so that the eye and nose piece fit into Harold like a puzzle piece. I did the same thing for the darker colored spikes, except I cutout cardboard triangles and realized that they were the same color as Harold. Realizing my mistake I found some stiff dark paper by the recycling inside some abandoned boxes up in the Foundations room. I put glue on the triangles and stuck them on the paper and then cut them out....yeah. 

Anyways, here's a random youtube.
Olympics 2008 Monkey Movie- BBC Sport

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