Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vigorous let us be

in attaining our ends, and mild in our method of attainment."~Lord Newborough Digital class we made GIFs and I tried to do a reallllly simple animated drawing one (thank goodness for the tablet that was nearby)
I don't know if they'll actually work on blogspot :p but I'll upload 'em anyways and cross my fingers :V
So the first one is the horse we made (this was my second because my first one I wasn't pleased with aha)
really simple animation again aha.

It's weird I see them start to animate as soon as I upload 'em but then they are forever frozen in coded time...hurhum
HEY after posting it it dooooes animate (and the guy is transparent oops lol) but yeah the guys eye only moves hur :B
Just click on the picture and it'll go to a new window and you can see the animation (except for the horse...still doesn't want to wiggle 'is ears at ya....well.....ohwell)
Since I didn't really do a Halloween youtube clip here ya go

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

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