Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hide yo kids

The title has to do with the youtube vid I'm gonna leave you guys with today....aha~
Here are some updates on my clam shell project and the black and white portrait...
Worked on the portrait last night with Claire and Morgan while watching ATLA, even though I ran back to my dorm to grab my art supplies I had forgotten to check to see if my paintbrushes were in the bag along with my ruler or tape...laaame. So I had to borrow Claire's paintbrush and Morgan's ruler. Since I was mostly paying attention to the show instead of painting carefully some of my black lines did go over a bit BUT luckily it was going to be partially black on that side of the square anyways. Claire is magical though and paid attention to her squares and had perfect lines :C
 Plain ol' brown paper wrapped clam can see my piano socks I'm wearing ohmy.

 Did some the pictures on the outside I got rid of the flesh of the models (ohh...sounds gory D: ) along with some other parts of the picture to try and balance it out...and I just liked cutting the picture aha.

 inside is a collage of picture I cut out of an urban outfitters magazine..

It's still pretty plain.....huh.
Here's the partial process of the self portrait now...

Youuutuuube time. Been listening to these auto-tunes while writing up my visual culture essay and....yeah.
I'll give ya both versions of the song..

Songify This- Bed Intruder Song
Songify This- iTunes Version- Bed Intruder Song
you can find the original news clip on the first song at the end I think....I think for the next post I'll put the 'backin up' lady........because it's so upbeat xD

later ya'll! :)

I added some stuff to the binding area...(got the house head off of our first paper we had to read from Foundations)

Here comes the processssss..

Songify This- Backin Up Song


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