Sunday, October 10, 2010

Interests at fault

My tears turn to iron
stakes as they fall to the ground
hammered in by your actions
setting the tracks of fate

a passenger
watching the scenery of life
whiz by
with no emergency brake
to pull

Uhm...both by me?

Ok...I have worked on my Portrait but I haven't any pictures on me c:
I do, however, have some Digital pics I worked on because apparently I have nothing better to do with myself on a Sunday. In order of when I did them
 Orca Rider
 Run Away
 Gangster Giraffe

Steampunk Sloth...or something

I wish
I wish
I was a fish
there'd be no tears to hide
the waters flow
hides all

Someday I'd love to go to an orchestra...I might be a bit overwhelmed with emotion of actually going to one. I bet it'd be beautiful. I'd love it.

Joe Hisaishi -Piano & Nine Cellos- Madness



  1. your tears are like
    stars in the universe
    with the Milky Way tasting
    as raspberries
    let the cream
    in moonbeams
    wash them

  2. Ohmygosh mom that's quite beautiful <3