Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kindess is a language

which the deaf can hear, and the blind can read." ~Mark Twain

       I felt the urge to update this with some digital homework...I need to take pictures of my process with Foundations...ohmy yes I do need to do that...!
But, here are two pictures that I combined in Photoshop using masking...not very impressed with it's just. Moleskine cover: "Hey, wanna fade over me?" Pencil bag:"Sure buddy" Moleksine cover:"Alriiight"....I should probably eat something...

 There it is folks.

Pretty sure I've left you guys with a different song done by this guy before....Hopefully not the same one...


also...Here are some just funny bloopers that do make me laugh..
Funny TV Bloopers 2
Gonna work some more on Digital homework...mur. Night~

10:41 pm
Look at me....Ok, well...after being here far toooo long in the Computer Lab (though Morgan did drop by and give me some of her sushi leftovers aha) here are 2 pics I've tried to insert myself into and make myself seem like I belong there...I need to make more shadows for myself in the group picture one (along with a long shadow for my main body in the grass...). Took me such a long time to make my skin that yellow-faded color arrg. Also, looking at the picture it looks like I have to add some bright yellow stain near the right side of my body because of the picture...

...yayy...I need to sleep now...and get this sushi taste out of my mouth..

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