Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Judge a tree

by its fruit not from the leaves"

I finished my Foundations portrait...but am not pleased. -shakes head- mmm. I redid it so many times (darn you shades of gray) and I knowww that I still need to go over some of the grays still (some bad funky misxin of colors). But....here's the process of self destruction and demoralization. Dramallama

 While in Foundations...

 Claiiire doin' her work

 ^ Now I'm in the laundry room and painting while my clothes get cleaned

 rainbow socks..ish
 sooo...even though this is the last picture before my "final" but I changed the grey in that big area I had painted to a darker shade (Along with some other shades of grey...)
hmmm...and there we go :B
-face palm-
Here's a nice, artsy, animated clip that I like
Un tour de manege

later gators~

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