Monday, October 25, 2010


 n. the act of repeating erroneously the words of another." ~Ambrose Bierce

This is going to be a large blog update filled mainly with pictures involving Foundations process worrk -thumbs up-
Below are my practice babies with cardboard, don't they look so cute and unstable?  (and everything looks So much better when taken on a real camera! D: )

                                             ^ thats also for my little shape project...
 ^The beginning of my maquette's for the 2 foot version (totally did math btw for the 2 ft version, I know that'll it 2x1.1 ft and even have the measurements for Harold's -the hedgehog- little feet and face :B thank you all those years of math aha!)
Below are my practice perspective drawings ;v;

 ^ what we need on our blog I think. for more work pics...We have to take up close and detailed pics of our objects we are going to be enlarging...

 Yayyyyy ok.....oh...I just realized I have to draw these guys on Illustrator now...pen tool here I come.

I leave ya with this song since I'm listening to it right now..


I'll update this with the outlines later on...

4:09 pm found out our seeing green class is cancelled today aha. but then Claire's USB drive got corrupted D: ahhh
But here's where I am so far on outlining Harold..

Now for the maybe finale...Here are my historical pics for Digital along with my series of 5..pretty sure I'm done with those -headdesk-

 I still couldn't get the shading right but...mehh. Also, yay for horrible picture quality for trying to make it under 80kb for easy uploading onto the interneeet.

Unless Carlos tells me I need to add anything else to these pictures I am just going to say that they're done :V
Later gators! about an uber long post

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