Friday, October 15, 2010

Let us go singing

 as far as we go the road will be less tedious." ~Virgil

So, I'm watching The Office right now. But I'm updating this with pictures of my process I guess of my axis project for since I'm watching something while doing this let's see how many mistakes I can make.

 The camel dude below was one of the options I thought I'd do for Foundations

Today I went walking...I felt rather restless. I just walked wherever the lights told me to go aha- aka that little white dude, the nemesis of the red hand. I saw some dudes dressed up for some sort of sports team, heard a bell ding at some point, decided to follow the scent of cinnamon rolls down another street, was tempted to go down some alleys and stairs, watched a guy scrape a window...
I like walking around a city, lots of scents and sights. Back at Ridgecrest, the Gateway to Death Valley, it was just about 3 miles by 3 miles (unless you count the base buuut you can't really go there unless you have a pass), and I just biked from my house to the "market area" where the Wal*Mart, Albertsons, and Jack in the box was. I didn't really walk around much because I lived on the fringes of Ridgecrest and was generally far away from buddies..also I was afraid of walkign anywhere with the pedophiles around aha.
In Three Rivers I walked around my back yard at our rental...we had a lot of trees and brush. I was in the rental mostly for the winter time, whenever it rained I'd go out and just sit on a log and watch locals and tourists drive by. I'd also sing "Oh Shenandoah" too because I was learning in on the piano at the time. When we did get a house it was up a hill and sitting between 2 other houses so I didn't have to much to explore. Just down the hill into some brush area where I could see the river roaring by, my cats would follow me too and they'd "show" me different pathways as well.
Now I'm in Seattle, where the rain is cold but there are so many places to go to and people to see. So it was fun. I unwound a bit and just walked and drank kombucha aha. At one rest stop I sat and just looked around and a lady smoking a cigarette was standing beneath some trees where the sun was bright, she looked over at me and smiled and said "sunlight" I smiled back. I should have probably been warming myself in the sun too but I was soon on my way to go down streets I haven't been down before.
Unlike Ridgecrest where I'd watch out for pedophiles, or Three Rivers where I'd keep an eye out for cougars, bears or snakes in Seattle I keep an eye out for any crazy people or anyone walking to close..I didn't feel to concerned though. Maybe I was just tired, or felt that I could hit someone with my hefty Kombucha bottle, or...I dunno. Just sort of not to concerned about being harmed though.
A couple of times I wanted to go into parking garages and just walk around...
During the walk back I walked under one of those blue-glassed over hangings and saw that no one had cleaned it in awhile. Leaves were on it and had a dirt halo around them. I wonder if that's what they'd look like if you were under ice and looking up...

While I was taking pictures of this a leaf somehow fell into my hair and stayed there until I got done and brushed it out, I looked down to see where it went but I didn't find it..
On my way back to MCC I finally took an alley way down (the one connected to where teachers can park I think?) and looked at all the little nooks and crannies. I thought this door was interesting..

So after my adventure of not getting lost thankfully and seeing some interesting things, smelling many things (from fresh cinnamon rolls to paint remover), and feeling mostly the chill of fall I came back to good ol' MCC to update my blog.

Celtic Woman- A New Journey- Shenandoah


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