Sunday, October 17, 2010

Much ado

about nothing

Good morning. I'm going to eat at Tutta Bella's today with my bud (it's our tradition now to have brunch with each other every Sunday aha)
Here is an update on some more Foundations homewooork and some "in case of fire" signs because there are such a variety of 'em.

 I really have no idea if I'm doing these correctly..I'm thinking I'll make a few more and on Monday have Tina go over them and tell me if I did any correctly ;-;
Now for some fun Fire Signs!
 Sneaking up on the fire...
 Getting chased by the fire..
 Fire showing you the way out...?
Thanks for showing me the way out fire friend! Byyyye.

Friendship is so beautiful aha.
Oh hey...I wonder if I had one more pic if these could qualify as my set of 5 for digital...of course I'd prob have to retake the pictures and not use my cell phone aha...

Hello Seattle by Owl City

(and now I know where Puget Sound is...or even what it is ahhh. Thank you seeing green class.)


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