Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Relaxing sleep is needed

Did a lot today holord.
Inflatables were hecka fun x)

Here they are all made up. I took some other vids but just put 'em on facebook ;p

There's the destruction of all our hard work aha

Here are a few pics of my moquette....Inside of our inflatable! Ahhh...that inflatable of ours was so nice just to sit in. Give me a sleeping bag and I would have snuggled on down aha.

I need a few more pics to qualify him for this part of the assignment's late and I don't want to go up to the 6th floor to get him and take pics right now aha. Tomorrow.

Started Mis en scene...or at least looked at the wikipedia of it. I'll get more in depth with it...tomorrow...-headdesk-
"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." ~Thomas Jefferson
There's my quote- were you wondering if I'd forget? hooshaw.
So I need to look up comic strips for my Visual Culture and came across this one..I'm only posting it since it has "cornish" in it :B
BC comic

Ok, youtube vid...hmm...

Ya know...I'm just gonna leave you with a short clip of a "toga party" I did in Montana with these buddies that I miss like...a lot.....:< but this was my going away party as well woohoo!


Night sleepyheads!
oh, hey...reminds me off a youtube vid! Score!
btw, they're the Moore? on November 30th.....I need to go to a concert at some point in my life and why is everything centered?

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