Monday, October 18, 2010

Never exaggerate your faults.

 Your friends will attend to that." ~Francis Bacon

I am soo tired, getting to bed early and reading and sleeeeep.
Okay, I'm updating this blog with some items I am (or I guess was..) considering to make in  my Foundations class...along with our folding paper in to shapes project...and short brainstorming ideas for Digital class set of 5...

 Actually Claire is thinking about using the sunglasses..

I think I'm actually going to do the hedgehog hair clip or the light area of the book clip-on lamp..
Now shaaapes...and actually I don't know if my little black box is acceptable aha..

 Ohmygosh I'm not in the computer lab!
I just noticed that I always but the smallest box with the black
Now for some quick ideas for that set of 5 for digital...
1) series of cigarette butts lined up against each other. For each photo have them going in different angles and spacing & maybe get new cigarette butts for each photo...(that way I get to pick up trash as well aha)
2) take pictures of different coffee/cafe' scenes and draw in a person sitting at a table
3) (same idea as above buut..) take picture of friend (person in general) at different coffee places and then in PS or AI outline their body, clothing folds, facial features, etc. and delete that actual person to leave behind the lines of them and also with a white...filling?...
4) same idea as above BUT have the people at the same table and set up and just have them do their own pose or something..
Yeahhhh.....or the Fire Escape signs (from last blog)...or maybe even pictures of those leaves that could be seen through the blue tinted glass....
That's that.

This song sort of reminds me of my mom and how she's always supported and reassured me...also. my dad during those brief times I actually talked with him about feeling anything aha....

Anchor by Mindy Gledhill


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