Thursday, September 9, 2010

Excel on through

I feel as though I have conquered Seattle though I know I've barely walked through it. Woke up today and walked over to Utrecht with a mission in mind: get the supplies for my classes. On the way there I saw four window cleaners hanging off a building and imagined them bursting out into a musical song and craftily choreographed piece. Also on the way to Utrecht I had to walk over an..overpass I suppose but it was quiet odd for me, and mm overwhelming. I come from small towns that consisted of flat desert wastelands and then surrounded by trees in a forest. So seeing all of those cars and knowing I was above them was just amazing aha.
After Utrecht and the nice gents helping me find supplies there I briskly walked over to Glazer's and got what I needed there. After my mini adventure through Seattle I went to my dorm room and spread my booty that I had gotten through my grey skied adventure upon my bed and relished in my mild accomplishment of getting something done.
I'm leaving ya'll with a picture I took and messed around with on

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