Friday, September 10, 2010

Foundations and dormwork

Yes, no longer is it homework but now dormwork. As I see that for the most part on my foundations shrine project I shall be completing it in my dorm.
Today for Seeing Green in the Emerald City we just sat in Volunteer Park and observed our surroundings and it was sort of chilly and relaxing. The intensity of the green grass was walled in by the further our surrounding trees and then above them the grey-blue sky was slivered with lighter bits of sun trying to pierce through.
There was also a ukulele guy coming by every once in awhile which was entertaining. Another fun fact is when we first came to the park there was a major pda couple there.
So, with the mention of a ukulele guy and with myself now working on my Digital Imaging hw I shall leave you with a man who makes me smile.

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  1. I should have guessed it was Tiny Tim..way too much fun..:)