Friday, September 17, 2010

Music to my ears

Finished my Seeing Green essay rough draft. Phew.  Now I'm working on Foundations HW, which is showing 6 different cognitive interactions with I decided to upload a pic of my process since that's one of the main reasons for even keeping a school blog aha.
based on my moments with music/iTunes
Yay for blurry phone pictures -thumbsup- The darker area are lyrics of some songs I like :) I plan on doing some more so yeahhh. Most of my pieces for this assignment are in comic strip form. I'll try and upload more blurry pics in a bit.
Top one is based off of txt messages w my mom & the bottom is me having issues with the pen tool
a moment while watching Young Frankenstein

top is  a simple one with an escalator and the bottom is internet moments with fake site names (based off of real ones)
Also, kudos to anyone who can guess which site is based off a movie hohoho. Though the pic is so blurry...
I leave you with Yanniiiii.

Yanni- The Storm (it's quiet nifty)


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