Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I forgot to do a blog yesterday! Ohnoes. So, I will just tell ya'll quickly that I worked on my Cognitive Memory Map for my Childhood home. At first I wanted to do it at a sort of 3D-angle, but I ended up doing just a flat print of how the house looked like in my memory. While in class I decided that when we traced over the original map that I'd add on the yard because I spent most of my time outside- or at least I have more memories of that.

Now, for today in Foundations we went around asking "no less than 10 people" what they care about. I was partnered with Claire and we set about towards the plaza between Whole Foods and MCC.
Right away I saw two older lasses walking along the sidewalk, we pounced on them asking if they'd do it. The shorter friend was hesitant but the taller lady in red was all gusto for it. They gave us some cliche' answers but it was all good- if that's what they care about, that's what they care about.
Lass on right said "people environment" other gal "world peace"
I already knew for sure I wanted to ask the lady at Clover House- but when we got there she said that she remembered this project from last year and didn't do it because it involved getting her photo taken, but, for us I guess she said she would. She just requested that we give her some time to think of something she cared about, so Claire and I departed the Clover House, leaving her with a blank piece of paper.
After that we spotted three gal friends hanging out near the rear end of their car, I approached and told them about our assignment- 2 of them were for it but the other friend was adamant saying she "wasn't from Seattle."
Lady on left "+friends!" and on right "my family"
We circled partially around the plaza and I shook my fists at some other girls from class interviewing the bell hops, so Claire and I went for Starbucks instead. Since there wasn't a long line of customers we asked the chick behind the counter if she'd like to do it. She was very enthusiastic about it and another coworker jumped in and wanted to do one as well.
"Children's theatre! :)"

"Third World Engineering"

After that we hopped merrily along down the steps to Whole Foods, we tried to ask this one asian couple but the poor fellow said "I'm sorry, no english" I apologized and told him it was alright. Since there were some other fellow Cornish children also outside of Whole Foods we decided that we'd try the inside of Whole Foods. Little did we know how "in a hurry" everyone would be- we even asked this one guy who was simply standing and looking at cooking utensils and he said he was in a hurry. After dallying for awhile in Whole Foods and coming across someone who didn't have time to spare we headed over to the Customers Service guy- he didn't look busy. But when we told him what we were doing he told us he'd have to call the manager, after doing so he told us that he couldn't (he didn't seem very into the whole idea anyways).
Becoming desperate I jokingly look at the red car they have parked in Whole Foods and said "and what do you care about?" I then got all excited and told Claire that I just interviewed the car and it said it wanted "Clean Energy!"
"Clean Energy!"

Thinking we were just about out of luck about interviewing a real person we spotted a guy ordering a sandwich and I thought "Ok, this guy is ordering food and he has to wait, surely he'll have free time." Again, we approached, told him what we were up to aaaand KA-CHING! He was all for it. After getting the piece of paper and pen though he pondered for awhile. The guy who was making his sandwhich (and apparently was friends with him) asked us what we were making "the poor kid" do. We told him that he was supposed to write down what he cared about and the sandwhich guys smiled and said "Well it aint me or you guys that's for sure" and he laughed, after a bit he then leaned over the counter facing the guy who was writing down now what he cared for and said, "hey, I wasn't being mean, I'll get you a cocktail later." I don't know if the guy even heard what he said in the first place but he came back over and had what he cared about in little words up near the corner. So, pose, click, thanks, done.
"-The conservation of Pacific Northwest wilderness."
 Exiting Whole Foods and feeling like we achieved something wonderful we try to grab a few more people but they were on their "way to work." But we did manage to grab this one happy gent.
"Sunshine and Cigarettes!!!"

Deciding that it'd be a good time to go check back on our Clover House friend we ran back up the stairs and made a b-line over there. Seeing us come back in she got the ready for us to do our thing. And *snap* another person down on what they cared about.
"My Family"- and Claire did a good job on getting the Clover House logo as well aha.

Well, we needed 3 more people (since Claire decided it'd be better to have the 2 people pictures only count as one person). Going back down the stairs we went over to Bank of America. Claire was worried that we wouldn't be able to take a picture because it was a bank, but I shrugged it off and decided to take a chance. Upon entering it was rather desolate, rounding a corner we spotted life- behind what I can only assume is bullet proof glass. The guy there was rather jittery about the project. We handed him the paper in that box that's between them and us- and we have to close the window before he can open his. He wrote it down and began to hand it back to us, but we told him we had to take a picture of him. Well, that just made him back off right away, luckily for him another gal behind the glass said we couldn't take his picture for "security reasons." I looked at Claire with a "you were right" look and we make our leave. When we went around the previous corner I stuck his answer behind some glass and Claire took a picture. Ha bank of America, we got our picture.
"I care about out customers!!"- does anyone else feel like he didn't answer honestly?
Back in the area in front of Whole Foods we are once again on the prowl for anyone we might be able to pounce upon and answer our questions along with posing with their answer. This time it didn't take to long, after a few rounds of "I'm (insert excuse here for not doing a deed for some frosh art students)" we managed to grab this timid fellow.
And shortly (I think shortly) after him we got to manage to stop this lady with her rambunctious dog (sadly not pictured).
After our good almost half-hour of hard work we managed to get a mildly OK range of people from the Seattle area. Claire took the pictures and I was the pouncer on getting people to stop for us.
I leave you with a quote about work.
"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it."
~Henry Ford


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