Thursday, September 23, 2010

Verily so she said demurely

So, today was a rainy day. I need to go over my essay for Seeing Green (so many notes ohman Erica!!), I did however finish my Visual Culture essay today, which is a good thing since it was due today. Digital imaging class will happen in a few hours, I presume that once that class is over that I'll update this pointless posting with information about my hw.
Oh! On a fun note my wonderful baker of a cousin has asked me to digitize a design she created <3 I feel so professional. aha. I miss her brownies...
Of lately I have been happy. Foundations is going well, along with a majority of my classes. There are a few bumps here and there involving certain people at certain places but, que sera sera.
While waiting for our Digital Imaging teacher to go around to tell us whether or not we did things right I made some more letter art ahaha....ohmannn.

I leave you with this minute-long animation that I love dearly.

Later ya'll~!

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