Monday, September 20, 2010

Rabble rabble rabble

So, I'm not entirely sure if I did my Digital hw correctly but I am hoping I did so...
For the first part we did a composition of black and white circles. Then (I think) we were supposed to create a picture based off of said composition, it could have been a real picture or one from ones mind.
I honestly did change the composition a wee bit after I decided what picture I was going to use...
The picture I decided I'm make since it sort if matched the composition

You can find the artists deviantart
and blogspot here:
And there she blows. I also did a previous version (below) but I wasn't to sure on it because I had 3 blocks of a lighter color with transparency because in the real picture it's lighter, buuut having them in the picture seemed a bit...awkward to me.
Later ya'll! Gotta do reading for Seeing Green class...
Leaving you with Cat Stevens...also anyone else see Harold and Maude? aha it's pretty good x)
Cat Stevens- If you want to Sing out


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