Monday, September 27, 2010


Would be fun to draw...
Anyways here are a whole lot of things for Foundations! Woah!
^bad design and      good design^

Household object into Icon

The above three pictures are for our next assignment which is...uhm....linoleum prints that we'll be doing and...I'm not actually sure how to explain this...I'll get to that later then....-whistles and walks away-
Here are also pictures that we had to do a couple of weeks ago for Foundations. We had a "Script" that we had to follow and take pictures of certain objects. So, away we go!
Street Corner I was on

The place across the street from me. wowza

The tree I hugged and then took a rubbing of its bark.

Interesting thing on the block that I sketched

purple item


uhm..I forget why I took this picture and for what part of the script it was...

another cool place

uhmm....I took this picture because of the weather?..or the buildin....

more purple

cool object on the street corner
And that is that...I am suffering from coffee in an empty belly...prob my last coffee of the year honestly, I only bought it cause I told the chick behind the counter that I'd buy one from her at some point oh-hohoho.
Also, on Saturday night I rode the #8 bus over to Kerry Hall with a chick I just met to listen to some live jazz and I found out they let you take your dog on buses. Learn something new everyday!

For the youtube clip I leave with you today...I don't think I've ever seen this movie, but, while I was at Oxbow we had a....not joke persay but thing with this music clip....that and bread & cheese night every Thursday <3
The Jerk- Tonight You Belong with Me


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