Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Axiomatic Work

Ok, uploading pictures of signage I've taken around good ol' Seattle between Homegrown (delicious food btw) and then Pikes place on Saturday...also, putting up some pictures of my process with prints today in Foundations....aaaand can't wait to do something that will make (hopefully) 2 certain people laugh tomorrow ah-hohoho.

 Now for some mooore Foundations work -cheesy grin & thumbs up-

I did sooo many different prints on the last one because I didn't like the amount of lines I had going on in that corner aha. Hence, why I stayed late in Foundations and did volunteer work on cleaning up hands are still lightly tinged black from
Now, I'm not leaving you with a youtube video (oh...well....maybe I will...)
But, instead my cousins blog, because she bakes and is amaziiiing...<3
Brita's Blog 
Bee's and Tea's Cakes
uhmm..I put those up here because I really just wanted a place where I could access the links to them -cough- also, you may never know when someone will look at my blog and see her baking and hire or something :D That would be way extraordinary.

Here's the youtube~
Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek



  1. really like the block prints you are working with-very,very I get a print?? sure hope so:)

  2. more "roll" in the roots or even a musicalnote to have flow or very straight like fence posts-since the reason you gave was too much black more, I love block prints-first art I purchased from a gallery/museum showing were block prints:)but mainly..enjoy..enjoy..enjoy!!