Saturday, September 18, 2010

Operation Denny Park

It's nice and sunny today!
Today went over to Whole Foods with Claire and Morgan and we completed our Seeing Green assignment. After purchasing some food we went over to Denny Park to start our Foundations Field Guide book. I decided to go with different shoes that go through Denny Park, Claire went with fungi and leaves and Morgan went with bugs.
Before starting our great academic study we played on the kids playground equipment aha. But here are some pics of us working yay & rough versions of my project so far.
Playing on kid equipment yay
Morgan doin'work
There are surprisingly a lot of people who go through Denny Park so my time of quick sketches of shoes lasted only from 12:19pm-12:22pm. I think the reason why was because there was a jogging marathon going on? and a church event...
I made my book over at the park by sewing together 2 pages aha.
I still have to edit it a lot and add more clearly defined sketches of the shoes that came through Denny park (a lot of Nike shoes).

Leaving you with this animation that I absolutely love and the music combined with the visual images is just mmmm...



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