Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quaint Update

Well, looky here Alex updating yet again today. What she be doing now? Why she's posting up her finalized pictures for Foundations (I also figured out that for the scanner room next door that it does in fact use the same code for the comp lab. good job.)

For the last one I did a lot of the lines from lyrics of different songs that I like :)

And now for the Field Guide Book...murr...I made this have a more child like feel because I remember when I was younger the parents would take me to National Parks for vacations and they would have "Jr. Ranger" programs and there would be decent drawings in it. So for my shoes I drew them by never taking the pen off the paper until I finished the shoes (except for when I did my shoes) to give them that certain look. Then my cheap coloring for them was also done to somewhat represent a kid coloring in the shoes (though the colors are based off of the real shoes I saw in the park...).
In my sketchbook I had done extremely rough sketches and notes of the shoes descriptions so for the majority of the shoes I had to look online for them and draw from those pictures aha.
I leave you with the video that doth maketh me laugh...eth...

Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

also, I edited the Mucha hw a bit...

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