Saturday, September 11, 2010

Going, going, gone

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.
Ambrose Bierce

I think I shall start my blogs with quotes because I do love them so..Today I have gotten my booty in gear and finished my Shrine to myself, art scavenger hunt & I'm pretty sure I'm done with this Egon Schiele pic. I have been sitting for many hours now on this picture and I declare that (for now) I am done. (ok, so I uploaded the several picture and didn't like how it looked and redid it several times..ahhh).
I talked with my "son" (a good guy bud back at my old school- we made a family unit from our friends...I'm the father of the group & another good friend of mine is a mom...we even have aunts, uncles, pets and adopted cousins. Oh, oui, how I do miss French class and my buds...) today and boy has he matured since I've been gone. He really made my day with his surprisingly uplifting texts and silly comments. He makes his pa proud ;)  
Also, on an inspirational note, yesterday I went and saw Lullaby Moon with Morgan and Erica (our Seeing Green teacher) and boy it was amazing. It was over at Gas Works Park (I love, love, looove the old oil refinery and how at night it's silhouetted against a backdrop of light polluted Seattle with the skies above that a worn pink...I just want to sit there and draw it and love it).
I loved the costuming and the music that went 
Egon Schiele Painting we worked off of...
 with it. There were several small groups of people dressed in white almost Mary Poppins-ish outfits with different head masks(?): 4 cats, 3 rabbits, several horses, 4 clock couples and some clock children, and multiple people dressed in top hats and tuxedos. Out in the water they had boats and once it was night they released balloons with a single light attached to it. Absolutely amazing. Loved it. Thinking about drawing some art based off of it.

Ohman...even looking at the Egon picture that I've decided to uplaod now I see so many differences with the original ahhhh...-headdesk-
Ok, nope, done with Egon. Onto Seeing Green homework darn it.

My version of Egon's picture done with Illustrator and many, many transformed rectangles/squares


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